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About Us  / Introduction of our company

IN 1992 Ching Twu Metal Development Co., LTD was established in Gangshan.

IN 2001 We have been moved to Yongan Industrial Park.

IN 2003 We got ISO9001:2000 certificated.

IN 2008 We got TS16949 and ISO14001 certificated.

IN 2009 We have developed the organic solvent which can be transferred as the passivation layer..

IN 2012 To cover the increasing capacity, 3 producing lines were set. We can produce M2~M40 the longest product can be 800mm.
We have already set Zinc-Ni producing line.

Although the main business item is for the normal acid zinc-plated metal, we are devoted to develop Trivalent Chromate-Black, Trivalent Chromate-Green Dye,Trivalent Chromate-Blue Dye, Trivalent Chromate-Red Dye, Blackish Green and etc. to keep promoting our level and make our good power of competition.

Our cooperation partners CHUN YU、RAY FU、JC GRAND、ALEX、JAU YEOU、SHUENN CHANG FA, etc senior entrepreneurs.

We uphold five quality principles and hold fast to six purposes. We research and development flexibility, compatibility actively, keep on improvement.

To ensure our Competitiveness. We provide the good working environment, also provide our staff training class to improve our professional knowledge. The above-mentioned are CHING TWU"s AIM.

Tel:886-7-6222195 Fax:886-7-6227091  Address:2-1, Yeang Gong Three Rd, Yeang An Industry Kaohsiung R.O.C.
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